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Additional Media Solution
Additional Media Solution

Brand requirements and marketing goals are often greater than the budget that is allocated to fulfil those goals, this prevents brands from achieving the stand out they require in a busy consumer landscape. Active allows companies to increase marketing budgets by part paying for the media cost in stock making budgets go further and driving greater impact for your brand.


The challenge

Our client had an inventory of windscreens that were obsolete in the local and international markets. They were causing a loss to the business that also came with high destruction costs.

Our solution

  • Active collaborated with the client to identify trading opportunities within their portfolio. Their media expenditure was an opportunity to drive value back to the business.
  • Active worked closely with the client’s media agency to identify which of Active’s media partners will fit in line with their strategy.

  • The media was then traded at the agency’s negotiated rates and quality parameters.

  • For every $100k of media traded using Active’s media trading partners the glass repairs company generated a $20,000 cash rebate which could then be used to fund underlying business expenses.

  • The ultimate solution for the client with the financial benefit they received from partnering with us they were able to cover the cost of destroying the windscreens, decreasing the cash outlay to their business.

The Benefits

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This solution could work for you if you...

  • Have an inventory problem for Active to solve before any media run

  • Need help to find an overseas distribution channel

  • Have an existing relationship with Active so you know that you will spend the Trade Credits in the near future