Which solution is right for you will depend on your business needs – whether you have stock to sell immediately or not. We provide bespoke financial restoration solutions for each client’s needs. We understand that no two clients' pressures are the same and it is with this in mind we approach each with a tailored solution.

Below are just two examples of business models that work for many of our international and local brands.

Case Study

FMCG Trade Credit Solution

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Our Excess Stock Solution

Restoring value to under performing assets.

In a fast moving consumer driven marketplace, companies can often find themselves with excess, short dated or obsolete stock or assets. These may be tying up capital that could be better utilised within the business or may even be facing a write-down in value. Active's Trade Credit solution allows clients to use these assets to part fund future marketing activity or business costs, releasing the capital or realising extra value from the asset.

What can this solution offer you?

  • Increase budgets – use excess, slow moving or short dated stock to help offset existing procurement budgets, in particular media plans.
  • Maximise the return – receive a higher than current market value for your excess stock.

  • Expand distribution – help find new clearance distribution channels, whether international or local, for the excess stock.

What happens to the stock/asset? See our remarketing opportunities.

Our Cross Purchase Solution

Guaranteeing new sales of your current products or services.

Finding new business routes and new customers is a constant challenge for most businesses, working with Active International can guarantee ROI for your marketing spend prior to the launch of your campaign.

How can a media cross purchase work for you?

By trading part of your existing media budget with Active (via your agency), we will commit a proportion of this spend back in purchases of products or services.

What can this solution offer you?

  • An increase in product/service sales
  • A better return for existing media investment
  • New distribution channels or customers for your business.

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