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Asset Solutions

Optimising Existing Resources to
Fuel Your Business

We work with retailers and manufacturers to maximise the value of their assets –excess inventory or obsolete stock, gift cards, capital equipment, and more. Value unlocked can be used to fund any immediate or long-term initiative and improve your bottom line.

Nearly four decades of experience gives us unparalleled insight across industries and brands.

We will conduct extensive research, inspect and evaluate your assets, factor the strength of our personal trading relationships to maximise the value we can deliver to you.

We can design programs to include distribution plans or reverse logistics programs and manage every aspect of implementation.

We understand and leverage asset valuation, distribution channels, supply chain management, brand equity management and reverse logistics concepts to deliver significant value from a broad range of assets spanning more than 40 product categories and multiple asset types.

Major Consumer Packaged Goods company had excess inventory, dated products and excess raw materials (which were converted to finished goods)


Active provided payment in Trade Credit at full book value. All products were contracted to be sold in the US through specific retail and wholesale channels. Client committed to purchase media through Active for a combination of Cash and Trade Credit.
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Asset Solutions Case Studies

Optimising balance sheet management an
Optimising balance sheet management and execution

A Consumer Electronics company had excess inventory and dated products.