What’s Next with Dan Bates

We speak to Dan Bates, Founder and CEO of Rebel Energy about launching a new breed of energy supplier in the UK. Dan’s mission with Rebel Energy is to address inequality and the climate crisis with a startup that addresses 3 mega trends in the energy industry:

1. Global Regulatory Changes. This can be seen in the USA’s renewed commitment to the Paris Agreement, many countries and businesses commitment to carbon neutrality by the middle of the century and the upcoming COP26 UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Glasgow, Scotland later this year.

2.Technology Changes. With advancements in wind, solar and tidal energy generation and the huge shift over to electric vehicles.

3. Consumer Changes. Consumers are seeking more ethical businesses, exploring choices and placing money into companies that they trust.

Dan also discusses the UK startup culture that has enabled challenger, ‘disrupter’ businesses to flourish with many traditional barriers disappearing.

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About Dan Bates

Dan is the CEO and founder of Rebel Energy, a supplier of energy to UK households.  Rebel Energy is built around a social mission to provide affordable clean energy.  Dan has a desire to make a difference in society and show that big business can be good business.  Prior to founding Rebel Energy, Dan spent over 15 years at BP in a variety of senior leadership roles.


About Rebel Energy

Rebel Energy is a new breed of energy supplier, providing clean energy to households in the UK at an affordable price. Rebel’s on a mission to address inequality and combat the climate crisis with a benevolent mindset. Rebel with a cause, energy with a difference.


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