Many clients across various categories reached out to Active during COVID-19 looking for excess stock solutions. From alcohol to food, retail and wholesale, having been thrown into sudden over supply/production of stock destined for venues now closed. 


Although retail was hit hard from social distancing policies, other social businesses including restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs as well as events were affected which then had a flow on effect to suppliers. Venue closures and event cancellations meant ordered stock and planned sales were no longer secure causing inventory to build up with no alternate sales channels to move the stock.


Much of the surplus inventory was date pressured, needing to find a ‘home’ urgently or risk expiry and complete loss of value. Active were able to offer suitable buyers and an immediate return via Trade Credits, three times higher than the cash sale amount received for the liquidated stock.


Active offered sales channels that would buy in bulk as well as buy food service stock, not packaged for retail sale. Our pre-existing relationships with many sales options in both Australia and New Zealand enables swift movement of date pressured inventory.   


A platform for quickly and easily manage an unexpected surplus inventory situation enables a business to focus on first line sales opportunities.