Three of Australia’s leading independent marketing services companies – corporate trade business Active International, creative agency JOY Investment Partners and digital publishers WOM Network – have joined forces to create Real Life Media, an innovative new advertising solution.

The partnership uses real people and real testimonials to create product reviews and recommendations, delivered in video format via television and social media, under the Real Life Media brand. Designed as an end-to-end bundled media offering, leveraging the technology and expertise of the three partner organisations, Real Life Media will deliver exceptional value to clients.

The partnership of JOY, Active and WOM means Real Life Media will offer a highly cost-effective and complete turn-key solution that is simple to use and is highly measurable in real time.

WOM Network Managing Director, Warwick Hills, said: “We are thrilled to partner with two other great companies to showcase the power of mass advocacy in an exciting new format. Consumers consistently tell us that the best influencers are not ‘influencers’ and ask why we don’t see more ‘real people’ on our screens. Our clients are sensing the shift and reworking budgets accordingly.”

Active International Australia Group Managing Director, Sarah Keith, said: “We are excited to launch the Real Life Media offering in partnership with some of Australia’s leading marketing companies, who all understand the power in advocacy-driven communication today.

“In real life, our decisions are heavily influenced by the world around us. But not all recommendations are equal, as we listen hardest to the voices we trust. When seeking a brand recommendation, consumers trust someone they can relate to – people just like them – over any other source. Real Life Media brings these voices to life, using real life media, real people and real advocacy at scale, and creating meaningful connections for brands.”

Director of JOY Investment Partners, Simon Rush, said: “Our ambition for Real Life Media is to create a significant ‘middle-funnel’ orientated organisation, one that focuses on connecting brand layer activity seamlessly through to performance in a brand-safe environment”.

The group has recently appointed Anthony Meyer as Sales Director for Real Life Media. With experience across the tech, marketing and retail sectors, Anthony has a track record of success in his own business, start-ups and at an ASX company level.

His resume includes senior positions at Big Review TV, a content marketing and technology company that developed innovative, cloud-based solutions across digital marketing, automated content creation, and media storage and delivery, operating in Asia-Pacific, the US and the UK.

Anthony said: “I’m excited to join the team at Real Life Media and look forward to taking our unique offering to market. It is an exciting time to introduce new formats for brands to access trusted advertising guaranteed to bring micro-messaging of their brand benefits to a qualified audience.”